Dec 19

Tammy Jones / December 2016

Tammy Jones, back pain patient of Dr. Anagnost

Tammy had terrible leg and back pain from bone spurs in her back compressing her nerves.
Procedure Performed:
Tammy had minimally invasive spinal surgery. She had the bone spurs removed with a scope, with a 14millimeter incision. She woke up from her surgery with immediate relief of back pain and leg pain. She went home the same day.

Pre-opt Pain Score:
9 out of 10 pain

Current Pain Score:
1 out of 10 pain


“I had such severe pain in my back and my legs. I could hardly walk. My doctor recommended that I see Dr. Steven Anagnost. I am so glad that I did. Dr. Anagnost was very kind. He explained my MRI and diagnosis to me. When he recommended surgery, I was nervous, but I knew I had to do something. I had the minimally invasive band aid spine surgery with Dr. Anagnost. When I woke up from the surgery, my pain was gone. I was up walking right away and I left the hospital that same day as my surgery. At 2 weeks, I was back to work. I am so glad I have Dr. Anagnost as my doctor. He really helped me and he really cares about me.”