Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) uses techniques that require only small incisions instead of one large opening that traditional surgery uses. Performing the surgery percutaneously through tubes, retractors, and endoscopes, minimally invasive surgert causes less tissue damage that results in smaller and less visible scarring.

Open Traditional Surgery
Painful, Long Recovery

Minimally Invasive Surgery
Less Pain, Faster Recovery

What is LESS?

Less Exposure Surgery (LES®) takes Minimally Invasive Back Surgery (MIS) one step further. Based on a new philosophy, less invasive surgery creates small open incisions where the surgeon only exposes what needs to be treated for maximum effectiveness. By developing improved technologies and techniques tailored for pinpointing a problem and fixing it without collateral damage, LES® minimizes normal tissue disruption without relying on excessive radiation.


Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery (MIS)
• Less expensive
• Decreased recovery time
• Reduced pain and blood loss
Less Exposure Surgery (LES)®
• Brings benefits of MIS – Less expensive, Faster Recovery, Less Pain
• Outpatient Setting
• Tailored to patient’s lifestyles, health status and body type
• Decreased Risk
• Simpler procedures