As a researcher, Dr. Anagnost has been recognized for multiple research projects.   He has been rewarded nationally for the Top Research of the Year 2000 in his work on the effects of smoking and spinal fusion.  He has also researched and pioneered new procedures and instrumentation in the field of minimally invasive spine surgery.  Dr. Anagnost has passionately pursued his research in spinal surgery and presented his research to doctors throughout the United States and the world.


• Ipsilateral Neck-Shaft Femur Fractures 1995
• The Use of the Hybrid External Fixator in Complex Tibial Plateau Fractures 1996
• Combined Anterior-Posterior Fusion versus Posterior Fusion Instrumentation in Patients with Low Back Pain 1997
• The Use of Indomethacin in the Prevention of Heterotopic Ossification in Patients with Acetabular Fractures 1998
• Outcomes Study Comparing Lumbar Fusion of L4-L5 and L4-S1 Fusion Levels 1988 – 1989
• Pilot Study Group for Spherical Nucleus Replacement of the Lumbar Spine 2005 – 2007
• Paper Unilateral Fixation of the Lumbar Spine Two-Year Case Review for Minimally Invasive Lumbar Fusions 2006 – 2007
• FDA Panel Study for Spherical Nucleus Replacement Lumbar Spine 2008Procedural technique and product development design team leader for MIS PLIF and Facet Screw fixation for lumbar spine 2007-2009
• Procedural technique and product development design team leader for MIS SLIF technique LESS Society
• SPINE, Volume 25, Number 20, October 15, 2000. The Effect of Cigarette Smoking and Smoking Cessation on Spinal Fusion. 2000
• Facet preservation in MIS/LESS fusion surgery design team, LESS Society
• Medtronic Cervical Disc replacement BETA evaluation team