Jan 30

Janese Largent / January 2017

Janese Largent, patient of Dr. Anagnost spine hospital

Janese had had previous lumbar fusion surgery elsewhere, which disrupted her natural musculature and caused stress at the next spinal level.  She sustained a large disc herniation at the level next to her fusion, which was causing her severe leg pain, back pain, and weakness and tingling to her legs.

Procedure Performed:
Because Janese had already had a fusion, and she is so young, we chose to perform a minimally invasive spine surgery with microscopic discectomy of her herniated disc fragments.  We chose this to give her a fast recovery, and to not cause further damage to her muscles.  Her incision was only 14 mm long.  She only had a small band aid after her surgery.

Pre-opt Pain Score:
9 out of 10 pain

Current Pain Score:
1 out of 10 pain

I was really scared. I had already had back surgery before I met Dr. Anagnost.  That doctor performed a fusion.  I did not want another fusion if I could help it. My doctor recommended that I see Dr. Anagnost for my pain.


Dr. Anagnost showed me my MRI and disc herniation above my fusion. He recommended his minimally invasive band aid surgery to remove the herniated disc fragments off my spine. He was able to do the surgery without fusing me, and without any screws or rods in my back. I went home the same day as my surgery.


The surgery really helped me. My back and leg pain were better right away. All I had was a band aid on my back after my surgery. I am very happy I had the operation done and I am happy that Dr. Anagnost is my surgeon. I am back to work and taking care of my family again. Thank you Dr. Anagnost