Sep 29

Dr. Dale Longan / August 2017


Severe spinal stenosis from bone spurs and arthritis compressing the nerves of the spinal cord in his lower back at L4-L5

Procedure Performed:

Minimally Invasive removal of the bone spurs from his lower back (MIS Laminectomy and decompression).  This surgery was performed outpatient.  About 2 hours after surgery, he was able to go home.  He felt immediately better with improvement of his leg pain and his leg weakness after the surgery.  He only needed a band aid to cover his tiny incision.

Pre-opt Pain Score:
9 out of 10 pain

Current Pain Score:
1 out of 10 pain

Dr. Longen is a chiropractor with steadily increasing weakness into his legs over the last 6 months.  His walking distance had drastically diminished.  He had to walk leaning forward, or leaning on a shopping cart to go very far at all.  He was found to have severe Spinal Stenosis at L4-L5 in his lower back.  There were large bone spurs, and arthritis, that were compressing the nerves of the spinal cord.  This was why he was getting so weak.

Dr. Longen was a great candidate for this Minimally Invasive “band aid” surgery.  He states “I am doing great and I am very happy I had this operation done.”