Mar 06

Don Fields / March 2017

Don Fields, back pain patient of Dr. Anagnost

Don is a 75 year old male with bone spurs in his back that were pressing on his spinal cord in his lower back. It was causing back pain , leg pain, numbness, and difficulty walking. He felt better leaning on a shopping cart when he would walk. He met Dr. Anagnost and the diagnosis of Spinal Stenosis was made.

Procedure Performed:
Minimally Invasive Back Surgery (Band Aid Back Surgery)

Pre-opt Pain Score:
9 out of 10 pain

Current Pain Score:
2 out of 10 pain

Don Fields is a 75 year old man who was getting bad quickly. He was having pain, numbness, and weakness into his legs and he could only walk short distances. His back pain was getting worse and worse as well. He met Dr. Anagnost and was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis. We tried epidural injections, medication, rest, and physical therapy. He continued to worsen. Because of his age, Dr. Anagnost felt he was a great candidate for Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery to remove the bone spurs from the spine. Don underwent this outpatient procedure. He only had a small band aid on his back after the operation. Shortly after the surgery, he was doing great. His legs felt better, and his walking distance and strength improved. He is very happy with results and glad to get his life back.