Nov 07

Charles Freeman / November 2016

Charles Freeman, neck pain patient of Dr. Anagnost

Charles Freeman had severe neck and arm pain. His spinal cord was being compressed by bone spurs so severely, he was losing control of his arms and legs.

Procedure Performed:
Charles underwent Minimally Invasive cervical surgery to remove the bone spurs from his neck that were compressing his spinal cord. He began having immediate relief of his symptoms after surgery.

Pre-opt Pain Score:
9 out of 10 pain

Current Pain Score:
1 out of 10 pain


“I have known Dr. Steven Anagnost for years. He helped me with my low back pain with his band aid back surgery. I got better. When my neck started to hurt, I knew where to go. Dr. Anagnost quickly diagnosed the bone spurs in my neck that were paralyzing my nerves. He fixed my neck with his Minimally Invasive surgery, and now I can walk and work without pain. Dr. Anagnost really helped me get my life back.”